2022 ICT Skills Survey goes live

The impact of hybrid work models on IT skills in South Africa will be among the issues coming under the spotlight in the 2022 JCSE – IITPSA ICT Skills Survey, which is now live online.

The survey, a trusted guide to the state of ICT skills in South Africa, is carried out by Wits University’s Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) in partnership with the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA). The survey assesses skills demand and supply from both a corporate and practitioner perspective, to identify the most pressing skills needs from the corporate perspective, balanced with the view of current skills capacity of the practitioners and their intentions for future skills development.

This year, the survey will assess how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted skills availability, the effect the lockdown has had on workforces, and whether hybrid models have increased cross-border working in the IT sector.

It will also address employers’ IT skills needs and shortfalls, how they upskill staff, and the impact of the new Critical Skills List issued earlier this year.

In a questionnaire for individuals, the survey will include a look at how South African IT professionals plan to adapt to an evolving digital landscape, how they prefer to acquire new skills, and whether the hybrid work environment is prompting them to work remotely for employers based in other countries.

The two confidential questionnaires are now live and can be accessed via https://va.eduflex.com/jcse/login where respondents can register and then login to select either or complete both of the surveys.


TOP: Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash