A message from the IITPSA President


The coming celebrations of Easter, Passover and shortly thereafter, Ramadan, all entail elements of sacrifice, reflection and community. In these uncertain times, we at IITPSA believe that the days and weeks ahead are also an ideal time for us as ICT professionals to reflect on our role in society, and give more of ourselves for the good of the broader community.


It is now more important than ever that we keep our IITPSA professional community strong – that we continue to share and draw from each other’s knowledge, skills and experience and apply them productively in our areas of activity.
Whether you mark a spiritual or religious celebration this month or not, we wish you all a long weekend of calm reflection, comforting connections with loved ones, and new inspiration on ways in which you can contribute more to help society overcome its challenges.




A message from the CEO


It is unlikely that any of us have ever had to experience a four-day holiday weekend confined (apart from those performing essential services) to the limits of our own homes.


We should still take the opportunity to unwind a little and enjoy some quality time with our families and loved ones – and if we are not able to be physically together, there is so much technology available that enables us to keep in touch, and even ‘see’ one another over video links.


As an Institute, we are proud of the ways in which our IITPSA members are rising to the challenge of these exceedingly difficult times and helping to keep our economy and our country moving forward successfully and productively. We do need to continue exercising our duty of care, as ICT professionals, and find new and innovative ways to leverage systems and technology to fight this world impacting virus. We should be working together to keep our businesses operating in order to sustain and ultimately grow our economy.


To those who celebrate Passover and Easter, we wish you a blessed time, and to all a peaceful and safe long weekend.


Best regards, Tony