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News from IITPSA – October 2017

President’s Podium   September was a buzz of activity in Sri Lanka’s ICT community. Fellow IITPSA colleagues and I attended IP3 meetings, the IFIP General Assembly and presented at the SEARCC and Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL) ICT Conference. South Africa was well represented at the IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) General Assembly. […]

News from IITPSA – August / September 2017

Happy Spring to each and every one of you. My wish for you this season is to be healthy, courageous and enjoy life. – I recently attended a public lecture presented by Harold Jache. Harold focuses on workplace transformation for the network era. His topic was Personal Knowledge Mastery and Leadership in Networks. The key […]

News from IITPSA – July 2017

Over the past few months, I have been assisting on the IITPSA membership committee. Membership committee meetings are held twice a week and comprise of approximately 5 assessors. At these meetings, new membership applications are assessed and are either approved or declined. The assessors have a tough task of evaluating each application on its own […]

News from IITPSA – April 2017

– IITPSA has reached many milestones over the past few years namely, accreditation by SAQA and IP3, achieving a member base of just under 8000 and turning 60 this year (to name but a few). However, the milestone I am so proud of and pleased about is that we have awarded our first IITPSA Bursary […]

News from the IITPSA – Edition 98 – March 2017

President’s Podium – Exactly a year ago I wrote about digital detox. What made me think of it again was, whilst I am trying to write this piece for this month’s newsletter, I find myself continually distracted by e-mail notifications popping up in the corner of my screen, cellphone vibrating as a result of What’s […]

News from the IITPSA – February 2017

– I know it is February already but compliments of the season to everyone. I am still battling to get used to writing 2017 instead of 2016 and it is almost Valentine’s day. – I know that many people don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but I always see the New Year as a fresh […]

December 2016

– November was filled with many highlights and, unfortunately, some lowlights for me – but I will not dwell on any of the lowlights other than to say: we all have a choice, we can allow ourselves to be victims or victors. I believe that the struggle one is in today is developing the strength […]

President’s Awards Breakfast 24 November 2016

– I truly love this time of the year because it is my birthday month, the weather in JHB is fabulous and I am privileged to interview some of South Africa’s most inspirational IT entrepreneurs, leaders and personalities. – The judging process for the IITPSA IT Personality and Visionary CIO has now been finalised and […]

September / October 2016

The position of IITPSA President comes with a number of responsibilities and duties, of which one is to speak at various events. The most recent event I was privileged to speak at was the IT Showcase which was hosted at Roedean school. – The IT Showcase has been running for 6 years and is an […]

Advancing ICT in Johannesburg

– I am extremely proud of Rabelani Dagada, who is one of the Institute’s past presidents and has recently been appointed as member of the mayoral committee for Finance in the City of Johannesburg. – Dagada is responsible for R60 billion of the annual budget and will be evaluating ICT related projects to determine how […]

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