Certified Member (CMIITPSA)

CMIITPSA – Certified Member of IITPSA
South Africa maps closely to the international model in which Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has broadened to the extent that it embraces just about all facets of modern life in the 21st century. The Certified Member designation broadens the scope of IITPSA’s recognition of the professional behaviour of its members earlier in their careers, enabling them to validate their competence to current and future employers.

The standards required for admission to the Certified Member designation of the IITPSA ensure that practitioners admitted to this professional designation have appropriate qualifications and demonstrate a sufficient degree of relevant professional experience in one or more of the many disciplines included within the ICT spectrum. Such disciplines include (but are not limited to): software, network or telecommunications engineering, information security, ICT governance, business analysis, database management and administration, ICT lecturing and / or research, project management, business intelligence, software design and / or development, software testing / quality assurance, web development, and mobile technologies. Most practitioners at this level have five or more years’ experience in the ICT arena. Applicants admitted to this designation may use the post-nominal designator “CMIITPSA”.

For the Certified Member Designation to be awarded, applicants must comply with the following minimum requirements:
Underlying Registered Qualification or Part Qualification:
Typically a relevant two year qualification of at least NQF6 – National Diploma in a relevant subject, or two or more qualifications at NQF5. Other qualifications and certifications may also be recognised. Recognition of Prior Learning. may also be applied.
Experiential Learning or Experience
This is measured in months and the required minimum is dependent on the level of Academic Achievement referred to above. If the candidate presents the equivalent of a National Diploma (NQF6), then 72 months of relevant professional experience is required. As the value of the qualification increases (e.g. Bachelor’s Degree or additional certifications), so the number of months of required experience decreases commensurately.
Competency Assessment
Currently there are no specific board exams, but applicants for professional membership are required to:

  • provide a written competency submission that will be reviewed by an Assessor of the IITPSA
  • Demonstrate a suitable level of familiarity and competence with a broad spectrum of ICT knowledge across the ICT field.
  • Complete a Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) self-assessment which is evaluated in combination with the written competency submission. Certified Members should broadly satisfy SFIA level 3 requirements in terms of Responsibility Level.
  • Have at least two years of continuous membership of the Institute immediately prior to application for the professional designation.
Designation RPL Statement
This Designation may be awarded through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), in line with the prevailing IITPSA RPL Policy.
In order to ensure the currency of professional knowledge and to retain the Professional Designation, the professional must comply with the following minimum requirements:
Code of  Ethics and Code of Good Practice
Certified Members must at all times abide by the IITPSA’s Code of Ethics and Code of Good Practice.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
By the submission of an application for the designation of Certified Member, the applicant accepts that being awarded this designation carries the responsibility for engaging in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and requires the submission of CPD activity reports to IITPSA.  
Certified Members are required to accumulate 48 CPD units in a three year period which may be claimed from their participation in the range of accredited activities listed in the IITPSA CPD policy document.
The IITPSA will randomly select members for an audit / verification and members so chosen will be required to submit documentary proof of their CPD activities.
Ensure that the annual membership fee is paid.
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