What is it about the IT industry that entrenches the 80/20 Rule so effectively? This particular rule is the one that dictates only 20% of the IT workforce is composed of women. It does not make sense!

There is nothing inherently masculine about the tasks carried out by the IT workforce. From programming to project management, from printed circuit boards to boardrooms, from business analysis to business intelligence, women have proved to be equal or better performers compared to men at every level. From Ada Lovelace to Meg Whitman, from Hedy Lamarr to Gini Rometty – there are many famous females who have shown their mettle in this field. Why do these successful role models not inspire more young women to study relevant subjects at school and university and to enter the IT industry as an interesting and rewarding career path?

IITPSA is working with Women in IT in South Africa to change the culture. IITPSA’s successful women will team up with WIIT to provide mentorship and motivation to young women, to encourage them to take an interest in the exciting mix of careers that the IT industry can offer and to show how their expertise with technology will fuel the economic growth and social development to take South Africa forward into the 21st Century.
We are looking for women within the ICT industry who have a passion for what they do and who want to help mentor young and upcoming women IT professionals.

If you would like to become a mentor, please e-mail us on info@womeninit.org.za.