Helen Constantinides

An EXCO member and Group CIO for the AVBOB Mutual Assurance, I believe that each of us encounters new and different challenges and opportunities as we lead. As we build the bridges of technology in business we must acknowledge an affirmation of authenticity and a purpose of personal accountability and vision to create movement across the digital transformation journey. The bridges we build need to be strong enough to hold honest conversations for change and transformation of technology in business.


I am fortunate enough to be in an industry, where technology drives change and transformation opportunities across businesses. This enables me to be visionary. The journey of a CIO as a business leader requires strength, persistence, bravery, hard work, focus and forward thinking combined with the ability to strategise and create value.I personally believe in constantly learning, breaking through barriers, being solution minded and developing new ways to solve problems.


My digital transformation journey is about driving a digital agenda of change to add greater value. The “just cause” of IT is to create a digital workplace that is sustainable, inclusive and service orientated for customers and employees with a purpose to drive digital solutions that unlock value through innovation and to further build business resilience. The integration of digital technology into all areas of the business is changing the way our business interacts with customers and how we provide our customers with a consistent experience whenever and wherever they need it.The ICT strategy serves as a roadmap to attainment of the Group’s strategic objectives. The journey right now across the Avbob Group, is a number of digital initiatives that offer greater customer-centricity like self-service, automation and intuitive data.In such a highly competitive environment, everything is happening in real time, which is why we need to provide and offer immediacy, personalisation and accessibility to our customers.


While the unexpected pandemic of 2020 continues into 2021, it has placed enormous financial and logistical pressures it has also accelerated the adoption of more digital and more adaptable and the need for greater customer-centricity driven. The digital strategy provides assurance to the AVBOB Group of living the new normal.