IFIP TC 11 – Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems



To increase the trustworthiness and general confidence in information processing and to act as a forum for security and privacy protection experts and others professionally active in the field.



Work towards:

  • the establishment of a common frame of reference for security and privacy protection in organizations, professions and the public domain
  • the exchange of practical experience
  • the dissemination of information on and the evaluation of current and future protective techniques
  • the promotion of security and privacy protection as essential elements of information processing systems
  • the clarification of the relation between security and privacy protection.


Working Groups/Special Interest Groups:

WG 11.1: Information Security Management
WG 11.2: Pervasive Systems Security
WG 11.3: Data and Application Security and Privacy
WG 11.4: Network & Distributed Systems Security
WG 11.5: IT Assurance and Audit
WG 11.6: Identity Management
WG 11.7: Information Technology: Misuse and The Law (joint with WG 9.6)
WG 11.8: Information Security Education
WG 11.9: Digital Forensics
WG 11.10: Critical Infrastructure Protection
WG 11.11: Trust Management
WG 11.12: Human Aspects of Information Security and Assurance
WG 11.13: Information Systems Security Research (joint with WG 8.11)
WG 11.14: Secure Engineering


Link to the main website of Technical Committee 11


The South African representative to TC11 is Prof Rossouw von Solms (rossouw@mandela.ac.za)