IFIP TC 2 – SOFTWARE: Theory and Practice



To obtain a deeper understanding of programming concepts in order to improve the quality of software by studying all aspects of the software development process, both theoretical and practical.  



The scope of the committee encompasses all aspects of the software development process including the specification, design, implementation and validation of software systems.


Areas of present activity are:

  • formal models of software concepts
  • programming languages and techniques
  • models for information storage and processing
  • program support environments
  • user interfaces to software systems
  • software quality


Working Groups/Special Interest Groups:


WG 2.1: Algorithmic Languages and Calculi
WG 2.2: Formal Description of Programming Concepts
WG 2.3: Programming Methodology
WG 2.4: Software Implementation Technology
WG 2.5: Numerical Software
WG 2.6: Database
WG 2.7: User Interface Engineering (joint with WG 13.4)
WG 2.8: Functional Programming
WG 2.9: Software Requirements Engineering
WG 2.10: Software Architecture
WG 2.11: Program Generation
WG 2.13: Open Source Software
WG 2.14: Service-Oriented Systems (joint with WG 6.12/8.10)
WG 2.15: Verified Software (joint with WG 1.9)
WG 2.16: Programming Language Design


Link to the main website of Technical Committee 2


The South African representative to TC2 is Prof Bruce Watson (dr.bruce.watson@gmail.com)