IFIP TC 6 – Communication Systems



To promote the international exchange of information related to communication systems.

To bridge gaps existing between users, telecommunication operators, service providers and computer and equipment manufacturers.

To establish working contacts with international bodies concerned with data communication, such as ITU, ETSI, ISO, IEEE, IETF, ITC and ATM Forum.



The Scope of its work includes all aspects of communication systems, such as research on and design, manufacture and operation of products, systems, concepts and architectures related to information exchange. Some examples of areas of special interest are:

  • Work fostering the development of standards
  • Formal protocol specification and verification techniques
  • National and international communication networks
  • Local and wide area communication networks
  • Integrated services digital networks
  • Network management
  • Distributed computing and information interchange between databases within a network of computers
  • Communication systems in the office and manufacturing area
  • Communications tools and communication services
  • Promotion of existing and innovative communication concepts both in developing countries and in developed countries
  • Teleservice architectures
  • Multimedia communications
  • New applications of communication systems, e.g. electronic commerce.


Working Groups/Special Interest Groups:


WG 6.1: Architectures and Protocols for Distributed Systems
WG 6.2: Network and Internetwork Architectures
WG 6.3: Performance of Communication Systems
WG 6.6: Management of Networks and Distributed Systems
WG 6.8: Mobile and Wireless Communications
WG 6.9: Communication Systems in Developing Countries
WG 6.10: Photonic Networking
WG 6.11: Communication Aspects of the e-World
WG 6.12: Service-Oriented Systems (joint with WG 8.10/2.14)


Link to the main website of Technical Committee 6


The South African representative to TC6 is Dr Moshe Masonta (MMasonta@csir.co.za)