September/October have been noteworthy months for the IITPSA, with highlights in three of our most significant initiatives.

This month, we released the findings of the latest JCSE – IITPSA ICT Skills Survey, which serves as a useful reference for industry, practitioners and media throughout the year. Key findings this year were significant increases in the number of South African employers recruiting ICT skills overseas and the number of practitioners looking to work for companies abroad. Our thanks to Adrian Schofield, production consultant at the IITPSA, who puts in painstaking hours in collaboration with Professor Barry Dwolatzky, Director of the JCSE, to analyse the survey results and author the report.

Another highlight in the past month was the announcement of the finalists in the 2022 President’s Awards. We uncovered a cohort of IT leaders and innovators worthy of this year’s awards theme – Brilliance in IT. Please watch our newsletters and social media for updates on the awards ceremony, which will be an in-person breakfast in Johannesburg on 29 November.

Finally, we also hosted the 2022 IITPSA Computer Programming Olympiad finals in Cape Town. Several of the top performers were achievers in previous Olympiads, indicating to us that many young people find the experience and exposure they gain from the Olympiads worth coming back for. We urge our members to spread the word and encourage more young people to benefit from the Computer Olympiads in future.

Admire Gwanzura
IITPSA President