Mervyn Goliath

Mervyn started his career in the voice and customer services arena, later transitioning to the telematics arena.


After completing an international senior executive program hosted by the Carl DuisbergGesselschaft, Siemens AG and Deutsche Telekom in Germany, he returned to South Africa to set up a cluster of national corporate contact centers.


He later joined the NASPERS start-up MWEB, to become the CIO and CTO, roles in which he is credited for being part of the strategic team who pioneered the concept of uncapped internet in South Africa. It was during his time in the NASPERS group that he had the opportunity to work with sister companies DSTV and QQ (now TENCENT CHINA) on concepts which were “often ahead of its time” but nontheless satisfying for his thirst for innovation. He also spent a period as the interim CTO for Naspers owned SPORTSCN, an online sport betting service, in Shanghai, China.


He was the COO at ABSA retail bank, responsible for the team who re-developed the ABSA ONLINE BANKING portal and where he was also involved with the bank of the future program, also working closely with industry stakeholders in combating online banking fraud.


He later joined Silicon Valley based global mobile messaging company Clickatell, in the Cape Town office as the EVP (CTO) for technology.


He joined Openserve as the managing executive for digital transformation and was later appointed as the Chief of Service Delivery at the inception of BCX, with subsequent tenures as interim COO for BCX, and as managing executive for sales in the mining, industrial and resources sectors.


Mervyn is presenly responsible for running the data networks business unit at BCX, where end to end application centric infrastructure software defined networks is at the heart of his latest transformation ambitions.