Happy Spring to each and every one of you. My wish for you this season is to be healthy, courageous and enjoy life.

I recently attended a public lecture presented by Harold Jache. Harold focuses on workplace transformation for the network era. His topic was Personal Knowledge Mastery and Leadership in Networks. The key takeaway items for me, which I would like to share with you, are:

  • Our work is changing. Anything that can be shown in a flow chart can be automated. We need to change our approach to work and the jobs that currently exist. If you want to secure employment for yourself in the future, you need to ensure that you do non-routine work. Machines can’t replace curiosity, creativity, empathy, passion and humour. Employers will start asking for evidence of work as opposed to a Curriculum Vitae.

  • It is very important to have a network of people. Harold spoke about what differentiates high performers from average performers. The answer to that question was the depth and breadth of their social network. He encourages people to engage in professional networks and communities. If you think about your existing networks and circles, do they vary in age, gender, economic background. Who do you go to for advice? Your family, friends, colleagues, pastor?

So in closing, don’t forget about the existing network of which you are part of – i.e. a professional network of IT Professionals. Whilst we are all interested in ICT, we are a diverse profession with individuals of different ages, genders, skills and economic backgrounds. I encourage you to engage with this network for both personal and professional development.

Ulandi Exner
IITPSA President