IITPSA has reached many milestones over the past few years namely, accreditation by SAQA and IP3, achieving a member base of just under 8000 and turning 60 this year (to name but a few). However, the milestone I am so proud of and pleased about is that we have awarded our first IITPSA Bursary to a young woman studying ICT.

The Institute advertised the Bursary early this year and we received many applications.  The Bursary Selection Committee had the gruelling task of selecting the most suitable candidate. I say gruelling because I was part of the selection committee and all the candidates were most deserving of the bursary. It was very difficult to choose only one person. In fact, many of their stories were heartbreaking and at times also very inspirational. I wish we could have awarded all the finalists a bursary.

The recipient of the 2017 bursary is Keamogetswe Lebuso. She is studying BSc Computational and Applied Mathematics-Computer Science at Wits University and she is currently in her first year.

It is an exceptional bursary in that it was awarded to a first year student and covers tuition, exam and registration fees, residence, meal allowance and a laptop. The institute will be awarding one bursary every year, so please spread the word and encourage students to apply.

The Institute turns 60 this year, and, as mentioned in the previous newsletter, I am acknowledging the individuals who contribute so much of their time and effort to the success of the Institute.

Moira de Roche is IITPSA’s current Honorary Treasurer and Director. She was the IITPSA president between 2004 and 2008. Moira is always full of great ideas and her unconventional way of thinking adds a remarkable dynamic to the IITPSA board.

Adrian Schofield, ‘aka’ ICT Veteran as called by many journalists, is one of our Vice Presidents. Adrian was also an IITPSA President from 2008 to 2012. Adrian is involved in so many projects and initiatives, I often ask him when does he sleep?

I regard both Adrian and Moira as ‘wise counsel’.  Not only do they give excellent advice as IITPSA board members, but they dedicate and contribute so much of themselves to matters concerning the Institute. I want to remind everyone that the members of the board are not remunerated and Moira and Adrian commit so much of themselves to the affairs of IITPSA.  I admire the passion that they have for our organization. They remind me of runners: some people are sprinters and give 100% effort for a short while and stop, whereas Moira and Adrian are marathon runners, they keep on going and going and going.  I want to thank them both for their loyalty and commitment and ask them to please share with me whatever is in their water so that I may also keep going and going and going.