Standard Membership Applications

How to apply for IITPSA membership in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Complete the application form online.
Step 2: Make the applicable payment (application fee plus 1st year membership fee).
Step 3: Attach all supporting documents (CV, certified copies of all qualifications, degree / diploma transcripts, passport and of SAQA Assessment ** (for non South African qualifications) plus proof of fee payment). IITPSA reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any documents submitted to it in the course of any application for membership or critical skills assessment. **  Please see Note 1 below.
Step 4: Upload all the above to IITPSA website .
Step 5: Take note: Applications take one to two weeks to be fully processed by the IITPSA membership committee.

    1. Fill in online application form  

You may request an application form in pdf format if you can’t submit online, by sending an email to Please note that an online submission is the preferred option, as the pdf form takes longer to process.

Our Bank Account details are:

Account Name: IITPSA NPC
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Midrand
Branch Code: 001155
Account No: 201146304
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ

For all applications, other than those for student and pensioner membership, there is a once off, non-refundable Membership Application / Registration fee. This fee must be paid at the time of submission of an application form and is payable in addition to the annual membership fees, both of which are reflected on our membership fees page.

New member applications must thus be accompanied by full payment of both the initial (non-refundable) application / registration fee, as well as the first year’s membership fees.

** Note 1:

In the case of SAQA certificates, applicants must submit their SAQA online verification link, or Privyseal link (if they have either one), for the Institute to verify the authenticity of the SAQA Evaluation certificate submitted.

In the case of Vendor Certifications (e.g. Microsoft, CompTia, Cisco, etc.), applicants must submit their online verification credentials for each vendor so that the Institute can verify the authenticity of all certificates submitted. Where online verification credentials are not submitted with the applications, the certificates will not be accepted by the Institute as proof of education / training undertaken.


As IITPSA is an ICT Professional Body, all applications for individual membership are assessed in terms of their ICT content and relevance. Please, therefore, provide as much information as possible on the ICT content of degree and certificate courses (e.g. via a certified copy of the course transcript) as well as specific ICT skills and competences gained and used in work experience as detailed in your CV. This will enable the IITPSA Membership Committee to more accurately assess the application for membership. For more information on grading, please also visit