Happy belated Valentine’s day to everyone. Hope you spoilt your significant other and in turn, they spoilt you… and by spoiling, I mean showing an act of kindness and appreciation and not spending an exorbitant amount on flowers that were either not delivered or arrived dilapidated. February is still the month of love so use this as an opportunity to show others your softer side.


Many of our board members had to forego that special Valentine’s dinner because they had to travel to Johannesburg to attend the IITPSA Strategy session and board evaluation feedback. It was an intense two days with lots of discussions and deliberations and I want to share some of the feedback with you.


Board evaluation

For the first time in its history, the IITPSA board has undertaken an evaluation of itself. The survey was done by a third party. This was an extremely fruitful exercise in that as the board we were presented with findings where we excelled in certain areas but require development in others. We will address the areas which require some development and our commitment to you is that we will continue to learn and improve in order to remain being an effective and successful board.



Our current strategic objectives are Thought Leadership and Career Development. During the strategy facilitation process we reviewed what we felt was important and we will continue to drive these two objectives. We’ve now added a third objective which, whilst it was always important to us, should stand on its own in order to receive our fullest attention and also so that we can measure ourselves against it. The third objective relates to Relationships with various stakeholders.


Over the next few months, the National office will be appointing additional staff in order to rollout some of the plans that we have in the pipeline so please do continue to watch this space.