Professional CIO (Pr.CIO®)

The designation Pr.CIO®  recognises qualifications and experience at the highest level.
Pr.CIO® is a SAQA Registered and IFIP IP3 accredited professional designation.


The introduction of the designation Pr.CIO® (Professional Chief Information Officer) in South Africa signifies qualifying CIOs’ professional competencies at the highest levels and organisations gain the assurance that a candidate with this designation has the appropriate levels of learning and experience to take on the role of CIO.


The Pr.CIO® designation is awarded to those ICT professionals who have met global standards for competence, ethical issues, social implications, legal considerations, and, most importantly, have the required skills and experience, at the appropriate level of seniority. This means that they have chosen to specialise, at the highest leadership level, in the field of Information and Communications Technology and commit to continually striving for excellence at this level. The designees would typically currently hold a senior CIO position, and have done so for some time already.


The Pr.CIO® designation means that the holder is both registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in the National Learner Records Database (NLRD) database as an ICT Professional (PMIITPSA) AND has been certified by IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa), and endorsed by the CIO Council of South Africa, as being a Pr.CIO®.


Earning the Pr.CIO® designation is by no means trivial. A candidate for Pr.CIO® must complete a process which includes a scrutiny of academic achievement, work history and experience, ethics, and submission of an in-depth portfolio covering ICT competencies and responsibility levels. It also requires a structured panel interview conducted by senior Fellows and Professional Members of the IITPSA and members of the CIO Council of South Africa.


Organisations can be confident that the ICT professional who has earned the Pr.CIO® designation has a history of excellent performance in delivering results, has met world-class standards of competence, ethics, and client satisfaction; and is maintaining this level of professionalism through education, training and development as required by the IITPSA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.


All these give employers confidence in knowing that the Pr.CIO® they have chosen has met the very high hurdle rate of assessment of professionalism and leadership in the ICT Industry, and that the same professionalism required for the Pr.CIO® designation will make a valuable contribution to their organisation.


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