IITPSA Professional Regrading Form

IITPSA Professional Regrading Form

  • You should note the following important information:--Admission to the grade / status of Professional Member is only available to existing members of the IITPSA who have been a member in good standing for at least two years. Regrading / recognition is based on a points system and you need to achieve 135 points to be considered for an upgrade. Please provide as much information as possible to enable the Membership Committee to adequately and fairly assess your application. Certified copies of Certificates and Transcripts supporting claims of academic achievement must be provided, unless previously supplied to the IITPSA. Please refer to the Notes provided. These are referred to in the various sections.

1. Personal

  • Business


2. Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates (e.g. Microsoft, CISCO etc.)

  • Qualification 1

  • Qualification 2

  • Qualification 3

  • An incomplete tertiary education course will be credited for the actual number of years successfully completed. For example two completed years from a three year Bachelor Degree with a major in computing level (Level E) will be treated as a Level D. Documentary evidence must be produced of the candidate having completed a certain portion of an appropriate course.
  • Inclusion of a Doctorate at Level G is not intended to equate the award of a Doctorate to that of a Masters Degree. Time spent on research for a Doctoral Thesis may be claimed as Professional Experience. (See note 6)

3. Professional Experience

  • Candidates for Full or Professional Membership must offer a minimum of three years experience in industry in a professional capacity, and this may not be concurrent with any period of full time training of education unless it is in research for a Doctoral thesis. Furthermore an applicant for Professional membership must have been a member of the Society for at least twoyears immediatelyprior to being assessed for their eligibility to Professional Membership.
  • The maximum amount of experience that may be claimed for admission of a candidate as a Full Member is 7 years and 4 months (88 points) and as a Professional Member 8 years and 3 months (99 points). The balance of points must be claimed from academic achievement, participation in IITPSA activities, professional activities or student membership of the IITPSA while a full time student.

4. IITPSA Activities

  • Event 1

  • Event 2

  • Event 3

  • Event 4

  • Event 5

  • The onus will be wholly on the candidate to keep a record of meetings attended. It is specifically not the responsibility of the Secretariat to assist in keeping or maintaining a candidate's record of attendance at meetings. Attendance at IITPSA activities of a social nature (e.g. The President's Awards and Golf days) will not qualify for points.


  • Served On 1

  • Served On 2


6. Other Professional Activities or Professional Development

  • Other 1

  • Other 2

  • Other 3

  • Certified documentary proof must be provided (e.g. copy of the membership certificate in other professional bodies (with evidence of current membership in good standing), or a copy of a published paper).

7. Papers / Articles Published by the candidate

    • (a) Papers published on a computer related subjected and presented at an International Conference (5 points)
    • (b) Papers published on a computer related subjected and presented at a National Conference (4 points)
    • (c) Papers published or Articles written by and by-lined or attributed to the candidate (3 points)
    Please ensure that details of any such papers or articles (as outlined in points (a) to (c) above) appear in your detailed CV (resume).

8. Declaration By Two Referees

  • We support this application for regrading/recognition. We agree to supply further information under confidential cover in support of this application, if requested to do so.
  • Referee 1

  • Referee 2


9. Terms & Conditions

  • I hereby apply to be recognised as a Professional Member of IITPSA. I hereby undertake to abide by the prevailing Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), ethical Codes of Professional Conduct, Rules and Regulations of the Institute. I further acknowledge that I understand that Professional Members are mandatorily bound to engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and I agree to be bound by this and all rules / policies relating to Professional Members. I understand that failure to do so will result in my Professional status being revoked. I further explicitly agree to my personal information being stored, processed and shared (e.g. with SAQA) for the purposes of processing this application and in relation to the membership status and all services and benefits related thereto.