Many learners can code these days.  Some teach themselves;  some take MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses); but most take IT (Information Technology) at school.  All of them will soon be able to measure their programming skills against the other learners in South African Programming Olympiad.

Any language

The First Round of the Programming Olympiad will be open for participation from Monday 1 to Friday 5 August.  Participants can take part for an hour at any time during that week.  Learners may use any language allowed by the school including languages such as Scratch and Alice.  These are introductory languages for Grade 10, but are also popular among Primary School learners.


At least half the participants nationwide will receive certificates to recognise their achievements.  Certificates will be awarded at three grade levels:

Grade 10 and below
Grade 11
Grade 12 and above

In each age group certificates will be awarded as follows:

Gold:  the top 7% of participants nationwide

Silver:  the next 14%
Bronze:  the next 29%


Learners register through their schools.  Schools have a choice Online or Offline.  Peter Waker, Manager of the South African Computer Olympiad Trust explains: “Some of the younger participants have problems using the computer to write programs and at the same time using the screen to read the question.  These schools may therefore enter for both Offline and Online so that learners can have a printed question paper to work from.”

The questions are available in English and Afrikaans.

Schools can enter online at or request an entry form by calling 021-448-7864.  Participation in the Programming Olympiad is free.

For further information go to or contact or contact 021-448-7864.