Searching for IT talent?


What do sports coaches know that corporates overlook?

Start young. Run a contest. Recognise talent. Grow skill and stamina.


Talent Search anytime 4-8 March at schools nationwide.

Parents, does your child’s school enter? Ask why two million learners take part annually in this contest in 50 countries.


Teachers, reach beyond the CAPS content.


Fifteen attractive problems in 45 minutes. At five age levels from grades 4 to 12.


Let them read. Read again. Concentrate. Break down the problem. Look for a pattern. Plan steps. Stick with it.



It’s called ‘computational thinking’, but it’s not about calculations.


Help learners to think.


Enter your school online at – ‘Talent Search’ – ‘Register’.


Corporates, we also celebrate support to continue to expand this free contest.