The annual Programming Olympiad usually attracts more than 4 000 entries from around 200 schools. This year more entries are expected as a result of the attention which is given to the importance of coding in schools and in the media.

Even though coding is only in the syllabus from Grade 10, and then only for learners who take IT, many learners code in primary school… some teach themselves at home and others pick it up from friends. The national Programming Olympiad is for learners from Grades 7 to 12.

Michael Cameron from the Computer Olympiad Trust explains: “Everybody who plays computer games knows that you advance from one level to the next by starting at a level you can manage. The more you play, the better your skills.”

“Well, here is an opportunity to put your coding skills to the test. There are three levels. The entry level test has to be run at your school for a maximum of one hour at any time in the week from 1 to 5 August. The first problem of the First Round will be easy to solve; the last problem not so easy, but all the First Round problems can be solved using Scratch.”
“All that is needed is to be able to work out how to solve a logic problem, to code your solution and to run it on a computer. You may use any computer language such as Scratch, Delphi, Java or Python. Your answers are then submitted online to the judges, and if you score above average, your school will be sent your certificate: Bronze, Silver or Gold.”

For more information check . Ask your teacher to enter you in the Programming Olympiad. If the school has not yet received information, your teacher can e-mail and it will be sent to your school immediately.

Information provided by
Michael Cameron
South African Computer Olympiad Trust
Phone 021 448 7864