The SA Computer Olympiads need YOUR Help

Can you help us find a sponsor to run Olympiads?


The SA Computer Olympiad seeks expressions of interest to improve IT intake from schools in South Africa


Want more schools drawn to coding?

Each year Olympiad volunteers build problem-solving contests.  Hundreds of teacher volunteers organise the more than 25,000 learners from grades 4 to 12 to participate.



Want consistent service?

The SA Computer Olympiad is an IITPSA project. Since 1984 it has delivered quality school computing contests to develop talent.


Want achievement recognised?

Individual certificates for above-average performers reach schools in all provinces. They recognise that there is talent in all schools.


Every year since 1992 the South African team competes at the International Olympiad in Informatics (for programming). The three bronze medallists from 2017 are all studying Computer Science at university in 2018. Being ahead of their peers, they serve as ‘go to’ people and role models.



The SA Computer Olympiad invites expressions of interest from companies considering sponsoring one of the three Olympiads from 2019:


Talent Search                                 4-8 March                Grades 4-12

Applications Olympiad                  6-10 May                  Mostly high school

Programming Olympiad                29 July – 2 Aug        Mostly grades 9-12


Descriptions of these contests are available on


Contact us on 021 447 8450 or email Olympiad manager, Michael Cameron at   Ask for a detailed proposal for the contest of choice.