Women in IT

Women in IT
consists of a bursary and mentorship programme that helps to grow and develop women within the information technology sector and create formal and informal networks between female IT students, tertiary institutions, South African IT professionals and corporates.

Women in IT has three main objectives:

1. GROW: Enhance the image of the Women in IT forum through knowledge transferal and education

2. DEVELOP: Act as a platform for skills development in order to alter the perception of women and girls engaging in IT as a career

3. MENTOR: Create formal and informal networks through the hosting of programs for members and young women in order to connect and access positive role models in the IT field

The forum was launched on the 1st of September 2005 with 100 members. Since then, our community has grown to over 2600 women. Our mission is to provide support and information to women in IT as well as those entering the IT industry. This is done around the following four pillars:

  • 1. Leadership
  • 2. Education
  • 3. Mentoring/Coaching
  • 4. Networking

Since September 2016, the Women in IT Forum has become a Chapter of IITPSA, whilst still continuing to operate under its own established brand: http://www.womeninit.org.za/