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Call for Awards Nominations – IITPSA E Cape Chapter

Awards event to be held on May 4, 2017

The Eastern Cape Chapter of IITPSA IT Awards recognises people who made an outstanding contribution on the Eastern Cape IT industry over the past year(s) and/or a significant contribution to the IT profession.

IT Personality of the Year

  • Positive impact/contribution to the ICT industry in the Eastern Cape
  •  An IT person who has a leading and/or strategic and/or tactical position in a company that had a significant impact on the Eastern Cape IT industry
  •  A person who has made a significant technical and/or academic contribution to the IT industry in the Eastern Cape
  •  A person who has made a major contribution to the IT profession.

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Did you know that the professional designation of the Institute – PMIITPSA (Professional Member of IITPSA) is registered by SAQA on the National Qualifications Framework?  Did you know that all Professional Members commit to an ongoing programme of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for the rest of their professional careers?

Did you know that, if you are an IITPSA Full Member in good standing with:

* 2 or more years continuous IITPSA membership | *
A three-year ICT related degree (or equivalent) |* 8.3 or more year’s relevant ICT experience

You may meet the requirements to be awarded the grade and designation of Professional Member?

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  • Behaving in a professional manner and abiding by the codes of conduct and practice of the Institute.
  • Continuing to develop oneself through the life-long learning (LLL) and continuing professional development (CPD) programmes.
  • Participating in the affairs of the Institute and contributing to the growth and sharing of knowledge and expertise.
  • Helping to mentor and guide young people either entering, or already in the profession.