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You can apply to join the  Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa simply by clicking on the red button at the top of this page on the extreme right of the menu bar (“Become a Member“).


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Documentation required:

Please note that all applications must be accompanied by all applicable documentation (certified (attested) copies (A certified copy of a document is one which has been stamped, signed and dated to confirm that it is a true copy of the original by an authorised person) of any industry certifications, degrees, diplomas, and related transcripts (mark sheets), SAQA equivalency certificate for all non-South African qualifications, together with a completed consent form for us to verify the SAQA certificate, updated curriculum vitae (Note that we need to understand the detailed content (especially ICT content) and actual duration of each job / position held, so please ensure that each one includes an explicit start date and end date in the format MM/YYYY.), etc.) as well as the applicable initial registration fee and first year’s membership fee. Click here for fee details.

Individual Member
If you are not a student who is studying full-time, for your first, undergraduate qualification in ICT, you can complete the Standard Application


If you are currently studying full-time, for your first, undergraduate qualification in ICT, or if you are engaged in continuous, full-time, post-graduate studies since completing your undergraduate studies (i.e. have not worked in-between your studies), please complete the Student Application

Company / Institution
If you wish to join as a company or an institution, please fill in the Company Application.


If you are already an IITPSA member and wish to apply for either re-grading to a higher grade of membership or for recognition as a Professional Member, complete the Regrading Application


Critical skills visa?
Do you need to apply for a Critical Skills Assessment for the SA Department of Home Affairs? If you are a non-South African and an ICT practitioner, click here.