Member Rights


As a professional body, consisting of many individual and corporate members, the IITPSA is committed to the protection of the rights and privacy of its members, both in keeping with any relevant clauses in the Constitution and Articles of Association of the Institute, as well as with applicable South African legislation.

Protection of Members Information

IITPSA will not knowingly disclose any confidential member information to any third party unless:

  •  It is required to do so by law
  • The member has given explicit consent to such disclosure
  • It is required to do so to Government Agencies as part of regulatory or statutory obligations. For example, the Institute will be required to submit certain details of professional designation holders to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for the National Learner Records Database (NLRD)).

Member Support

The Institute has no legal standing between a member and his/her employer, whether an individual or a company. However, where appropriate, the IITPSA will give full support for the ethical stand taken by a member who loses a job, or is in danger of doing so, and of censuring the employer who seeks to place the member in a position which could cause violation of the Institute’s Code of Ethics or Code of Good Practice.

Member’s Rights

A member in good standing of Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa may expect:

  • To be treated with courtesy and respect
  • To be granted reasonable access to any IITPSA information that it is his / her right to have access to (e.g. Audited Financial Statements, Policies and Procedures of the Institute, etc.)
  • To have an avenue of appeal for any decisions taken by the Institute which directly involve him / her, except where such decisions are approved by a majority vote at a properly constituted Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Institute.
  • To be kept appropriately informed regarding activities, policies and other matters of the Institute. This may be through the IITPSA website, monthly e-Newsletter, AGM, direct email or other appropriate mechanisms as determined from time to time by the IITPSA Board of Directors.

All members of Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa , management and staff will always strive to honour the rights of all IITPSA members, as set out above.