Enterprise Membership

What is Enterprise Membership **?

IITPSA recently launched a new category of membership – Enterprise Membership. Board members of IITPSA have been talking to CIOs over the past year to establish their “pressure points” as far as ICT people are concerned, and what IITPSA could do to assist.

A number of organisations require their ICT staff, or some categories of ICT staff, to be members of IITPSA. These organisations pay the membership fees, and may or may not, charge all or a portion back to the individual members. For organisations with a large number of ICT staff this proved quite costly.

Enterprise Membership** is a form of membership where the organisation enrols and pays the membership fees for their ICT staff, but the rate is discounted based on the number of IT employees enrolled as part of the “scheme”. IITPSA issues one invoice to the organisation for all members who are part of the scheme. Onus is on the organisation to ensure that IITPSA is informed when new members join the scheme, and when members leave the organisation.

Benefits of Enterprise Membership

Besides a lower cost to the organisation, Enterprise Membership offers the following benefits to organisations:

  • It demonstrates a commitment to ICT employees and the industry that the organisation is focused on developing and growing their ICT workforce,
  • It shows commitment to a professional ICT workforce thereby demonstrating commitment to integrity and quality of work,
  • External assessment of employee skills through membership grading means that the organisation offers an independent yet reliable method of assessing individuals and their role in the organisation,
  • It sets IITPSA membership as a standard for current and future employees ensuring consistency through the organisation and the industry as a whole in South Africa,
  • Single annual payment with discounted rates means less administration and an overall lower cost of membership to the Professional Body.
  • If your organisation is interested in IITPSA Enterprise Membership, please contact Tony Parry

Features / Benefits of IITPSA Membership

Feature Individual Company
Professional Recognition: By using the respected letters “”AMIITPSA” (Associate Member), “MIITPSA” (Member) or “PMIITPSA” (Professional Member) after one’s name, members are identified as belonging to a SAQA-recognised Professional Body and a professional community. PMIITPSA is also a SAQA-registered Professional Designation on the NQF. X  
Career Advancement: Increasingly companies recognise IITPSA membership for their ICT staff as a prerequisite for promotion and career advancement. X  
Codes of Conduct and Practice: Through adherence to the ethical codes of conduct and practice of the Institute, employers / clients are assured of the ethical and professional behaviour of members.   X
Networking: Seminars, workshops and other events provide opportunities for networking. Special Interest Groups provide focused opportunities in particular areas of interest. X  
Media Distribution: Professional Members receive the Brainstorm Magazine from ITWeb, and other publications (as available), free of charge. All members who wish to do so (i.e. upon application) receive the IWeek publication from ITWeb at no cost. X  
Product & Service Discounts: Members receive substantial product and / or service fee discounts from the numerous partners collaborating with the IITPSA – and reflected on the website under the “Membership Benefits” menu option. X X
Professional Development: Members are exposed to the Lifelong Learning (LLL) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes. CPD is mandatory for all Professional Members. X X
Seminars and Workshops: These are offered in areas such as software testing, information security, business and systems analysis, enterprise architecture, project management, software and systems development and IT Human Capital Strategy. X  
Reduced Entrance Fees: Pay less for many ICT exhibitions, seminars, conferences and workshops. Typical discounts of 10% – 20% offer substantial savings. Special invitations to associated functions and events are issued. X X
e-Newsletter: A regular e-newsletter contains information  about events, projects and activities in the various chapters and ICT generally. X  
Awards: Active involvement in the coveted IT Personality of the Year, Visionary CIO of the Year, Distinguished Service in ICT and IT Leading Employer Awards.   X
International Recognition: IITPSA membership grading and admission criteria are continuously evaluated in accordance with international practices and are maintained in line with these requirements. X X
Expert Opinions: Relationships with other international societies (e.g. IFIP) mean that IITPSA has access to best practices and top international experts. X  
Collaboration with other bodies: IITPSA has signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with a number of other professional bodies (e.g. ISACA, SAIEE, ISC2, SABPP) which give members broader exposure and the opportunity to learn more about other specialist communities of practice. X  
A Voice for the ICT Profession: IITPSA liaises with and lobbies numerous Government Departments and gives input to policy and legislation on behalf of the profession. Members have the opportunity to give their input and have it consolidated into the Institute’s submissions. X  
Learn: ICT Industry knowledge is enhanced by understanding competencies, ethics, trends, and salary and other surveys. Understand what IITPSA stands for and offers its members. X  
Research: Associations offer wide and deep industry materials, ICT developments, resources, and scholarships and internships information via websites, blogs, newsletters and job postings. Access, read and use them. X  
Network: Connect with ICT professionals, peers, students, faculty, industry experts, friends and potential employers. It is critical for success. X  
Participate: Be active in IITPSA. Join SIGS in your field of study and others groups that interest you, local chapter leadership teams, national committees and discussion boards. You truly get back a lot when you give of your time and knowledge. X  
Share: Get involved in mentoring programs, LinkedIn Groups and Discussions. Meet with those outside your career field to advocate for the ICT industry. Spread the good news about who we are and what we can do. X  
Grow: Develop new skills, expand your knowledge, gain confidence and have fun at local, provincial and national chapter meetings, seminars, webinars, conferences and committees. Professional and personal development is a life-long learning process. X X

 ** PLEASE NOTE:  Enterprise Membership is only open to organisations employing 26 or more ICT staff who get registered with IITPSA (i.e. there is a minimum requirement of 26 ICT staff to be registered with IITPSA for organisations to qualify for Enterprise Membership).