IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa) – The professional body for ICT practitioners

IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa), formerly Computer Society South Africa (CSSA),  is a professional body, recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Established in 1957, the Institute has a long and proud history of service to, and representation of, South Africa’s ICT professionals and practitioners, attracting a broad and active membership from all levels of the ICT Industry.

In 2015, IITPSA’s Professional Member programme (denoted by the professional designation “PMIITPSA”) was accredited by IFIP’s IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership).

IITPSA’s aims are to further the study, science and application of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs); maintain and promote Codes of Conduct and Ethics for our members; define and promote standards of ICT knowledge; promote the formulation of effective policies on ICT and related matters; and extend the knowledge and understanding and usage of ICTs in the community. This is achieved by engagement with both Industry and Government on ICT policy, regulations and professional activities, combined with a commitment to the wider community to ensure the beneficial use of ICT.

  • Adherence to IITPSA’s Code of Ethics and Code of Good Practice assures others that IITPSA members are committed to ethical and professional behaviour.
  • Through initiatives like SA Computer Olympiad (involving 30 000+ learners annually),  SA Computer Applications Olympiad (involving 13 000+ learners), and the Standard Bank Challenge for university students, IITPSA reaches out to young South Africans to raise awareness of the use and application of ICTs.
  • All IITPSA members are encouraged to develop themselves through participation in lifelong learning / continuing professional development.
  • Working together with organisations such as SAQA and IFIP’s International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3), IITPSA helps to establish and grow appropriate, relevant professional standards for the ICT profession.



To be an inclusive community of ICT professionals that leads the promotion and development of a thriving digital society


Leading ICT professionalism and ethical digital transformation