Public Recourse

Protection of the Public

As a professional body, consisting of many individual and corporate members, the IITPSA is committed to the protection of the rights and privacy of all citizens, including the members of the public, in respect of the professional conduct and behaviour of its members.


Ethical Behaviour of IITPSA Members

Upon joining Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa , all IITPSA Members undertake to abide by the IITPSA Code of Conduct, which is summarised as follows:

A member of Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa will:
* Act at all times with integrity
* Act with complete loyalty towards a client when entrusted with confidential information
* Act with impartiality when purporting to give independent advice and must disclose any relevant interests
* Accept full responsibility for any work undertaken and will construct and deliver that which has been agreed upon
* Not engage in discriminatory practices in professional activities on any basis whatsoever
* Not seek personal advantage to the detriment of the Institute, and will actively seek to enhance the image of the Institute.


The Code of Conduct is supported by the complementary Code of Practice, which spells out for members, in more detail, the ways in which they are expected to exercise their professional competence.


Public Recourse in respect of IITPSA Members conduct

Members of the public who have any concerns about the professional behaviour or conduct of any Member (and especially any Professional Member) of the Institute and their adherence to the IITPSA Codes may refer their concerns in writing to the IITPSA Chief Executive Officer ( The CEO will refer the complaint to the IITPSA Board Chairperson, who, in turn, may refer it to an IITPSA Committee of Enquiry for consideration. If sufficient grounds are established, the Committee of Enquiry will refer the complaint to the IITPSA Disciplinary Committee for review and action where appropriate. This process will always be governed by the IITPSA’s policies, rules, regulations and procedures in force at the time, including respecting and protecting the rights of its members as appropriate.


Notes: In the interest of the public, the highest standard will be expected of those members in public practice who, by the nature of their work, accept personal responsibility for what they undertake. The Institute has no legal standing between a member and his/her employer, whether an individual or a company. Where appropriate, the IITPSA will give full support for the ethical stand taken by a member who loses a job, or is in danger of doing so, and of censuring the employer who seeks to place the member in a position which could cause violation of the Institute’s Code of Conduct.