Career Junction

Looking for a new Career? IITPSA, in partnership with CareerJunction, SA’s most popular job site, now gives you the opportunity to search for ICT jobs on IITPSA’s website. CareerJunction and Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa have a long-standing  arrangement that provides exciting opportunities to job seekers and top-class candidates for those seeking to recruit ICT practitioners.To search and apply for jobs, visit
Looking for a new Employee? IITPSA and CareerJunction’s partnership also offers Job Advertising on an ad-hoc basis. No terms or contracts. Use your Credit Card to create, pay for and publish your vacancy to reach over 1.6 Million job seekers.Once live, your Job Ad will be shown on IITPSA’s website and automatically published to CareerJunction and its partner websites – at no additional cost.As the advertiser, you will receive applications (with attached professional CVs) directly to your email inbox so you decide whom you wish to interview.To advertise for employees, visit