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The JCSE (Joburg Centre for Software Engineering) is a University of Witwatersrand partnership with government and industry, founded in 2005. IITPSA (the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa) is the 65 year old professional body for the sector, recognised by SAQA and accredited by the International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3). This 2022 report (12th Edition) is the output of a collaborative partnership between the JCSE and IITPSA. It presents the results of the partnership’s eleventh edition of its survey of skills trends in the South African information & communications technology (ICT) sector.

South Africa seems to have weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, although we will have to remain vigilant to assess the long-term effects of the related illnesses on the surviving patients. As our results, and those of other surveys show, employers and practitioners have mixed feelings about the transition to working-from-home (WFH) and the return to the office or a hybrid option. The potential benefits of remote working are under closer scrutiny as a result of this transition.” (Extract from the Introduction to the 2022 JCSE – IITPSA Skills Survey. To read more, please click on the 2022 Skills Survey image below).


The JCSE appreciates the continuing partnership with the IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa), and the assistance of the Information Technology Association in bringing the survey to the attention of their members. Appreciation is also noted to Eduflex for the use of their survey platform for the various Skills surveys.

The data gathered from the questionnaire is put into context by an environment scan and literature review.

Any use of this Report (in whole or in part) must acknowledge “2022 JCSE-IITPSA ICT Skills Survey” as the source.

Please direct any queries regarding the 2022 ICT Skills Survey Report to adrian.schofield@iitpsa.org.za


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