Lifelong Learning Programme

It is an accepted fact that continued learning and facing new challenges helps to fight the intellectual stagnation and memory loss that comes with old age.  However, in our industry one need not be over 30 to be behind the times. More than any other industry, ICT seems to reinvent itself every few years, and it is therefore necessary for all participants to engage in Lifelong Learning.

1.       The Programme:

The IITPSA has initiated a Lifelong Learning programme, which sees its members being able to request a certificate listing the credits the member has received for the following:

1. IITPSA and IITPSA endorsed seminars and conferences attended.
2. IITPSA and IITPSA endorsed courses passed & verified.

3. IT related certificates, diplomas & degrees passed & verified.

4. The service is limited to members in good standing.

 2.      Credits:

A committee under chairmanship of the Executive Director will decide which seminars, conferences, courses, certificates, diplomas, and degrees will be accepted for the Lifelong Learning programme and how many credits will be allocated to each.

For the time being, the credits awarded will be the same as those awarded by SAQA. Where SAQA credits are not available, the committee will allocate credits according to a similar scale.

 3.       Qualification:

A IITPSA endorsed qualification must at least be contributing to the creation of a computer competent population.  The qualification must be achieved as a result of a proctored examination. The IITPSA requires that the exam is proctored by a person of good standing in the IT community – preferably a member of the IITPSA.

 4.       Attendance:

Where the credits are awarded as a result of attendance at a seminar or conference, the IITPSA will require proof of attendance in the form of a signed presentation evaluation handed in by the member and forwarded by the organisers to the IITPSA head office.

 5.       LLL Certificates:

Members may at any stage request a copy of their LLL certificate.  Where there are costs involved in certifying a member’s qualification, such cost will be passed on to the member.  If the qualification cannot be verified by the IITPSA, it will not appear on the LLL certificate.  The IITPSA may introduce an issuing fee for the LLL certificates in the future.