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Planning to plan

The e-Skills Institute (e-SI) March newsletter arrived on March 25, reminding us that public comment on the draft National e-Skills Plan of Action (NeSPA) 2012 closes on March 26 at noon. Not too long to absorb 99 pages! What would you expect from a Plan of Action? A concise executive summary, a reasoned analysis of […]

The Rule of Law

“Rules are made to be broken” – that’s a philosophy followed widely in South Africa. Time and time again, we are victims of the culture that the law applies to everyone except “me” – the “me” being the one transgressing. Most visible perhaps, is our behaviour on the roads. Speed limits, red lights, lane discipline, […]

The state of IT education in South African schools

(This is a guest blog by Mike Chiles, based on an address at the Western Cape IT Learner’s Awards) The two subjects Computer Applications Technology (CAT) and Information Technology (IT) have their roots in a subject called Computer Studies that started as an official subject in the Western Cape in 1979, a little over 33 […]

CPE Qualification Overview

Are you looking for a relevant, practical postgraduate education program that’s flexible enough to fit in with your busy life? Do you want to be in line to be recognized as an IT Professional globally? The IITPSA Computer Professional Education Program, offered in partnership with ACS,  is a masters-level program offered online, so you can […]