Software Testing

SIGiST is a special interest group in South Africa for the Software Testing community that aims to be the leading forum for promoting excellence in systems and software testing in Gauteng. The whole idea of this SIG is to bring together people from different companies, with interests in software testing and its multitude of facets. The sky is the limit as far as topics are concerned and could well include: automated software testing, usability testing, security testing, test management, test matrices, contracting and consulting as a tester, software auditing and standards, testing in Agile, and reporting. The meetings will give you the opportunity to learn more about software testing and to rub shoulders with people from across the Software Testing board in various industries.
The objectives of the group are:

  • To promote the importance of software testing.
  • To develop awareness of industry’s best practices in software testing.
  • To represent the interests of the group’s members with other bodies.
  • To encourage research into software testing.
  • To promote and develop high standards and professionalism in software testing.
  • To be independent of any software testing company or organisation.
Gauteng SIGiST Committee
Gauteng SIGiST Chairman: Rob Kerrich-Walker
Committee Members: Elizabeth Booysen
Johan Steyn
Bhavesh Maharaj
SIGIST events are usually held monthly, on the third Wednesday. Conference facilities can normally be arranged on request.
Please find the links to various presentations we have done since September 2010:

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