The IITPSA has a proudly South African heritage of more than sixty five years of serving the South African body of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) practitioners and professionals. Established in 1957 by a few like-minded ‘computer professionals’, registered in 1958 as a limited company (then converted to a Section 21 company, now Not-for-Profit Company (NPC)), the IITPSA has grown into a body that is reinventing itself in the twenty first century. IITPSA is a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised professional body, and is also IFIP IP3 accredited for its professional programmes (Professional Member and Professional CIO).

IITPSA members are to be found in almost every province in South Africa, with the main concentrations being found in Gauteng, the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. In each of these main areas, the IITPSA has a Chapter (or Branch), run by an elected Chapter Chair and his / her elected Committee members. The Chapter Chair is an ex officio member of the IITPSA Members’ Council, which reports to the Board of Directors and forms a part of the Governing Body of the Institute.

The main objectives of the IITPSA are captured in the Institute’s Memorandum of Incorporation with the IITPSA’s take-out line being “leading ICT professionalism and ethical digital transformation”. This means that the Institute represents and leads the interests of its members with Commerce, Industry and Government and seeks to help influence policy formulation in a positive way, in the interests of all of its stakeholders. In addition, it encourages the growth of professionalism and professional use of ICTs throughout the South African ecosystem and the transformation into a digital economy.

n the last 20+ Years, IITPSA has played an active role in the formation of the Sector Education & Training Authority, the development of Unit Standards, the compilation of the BEE ICT Charter and the promotion of the industry in the SAVANT programme.