Corporate / Institutional Membership

Corporates (Companies) and Institutions may become members of the Institute, signifying their support of IITPSA and adherence to the Code of Conduct.

Corporate and Institutional Members receive a Membership certificate displaying the Code of Conduct, signed by the IITPSA President and the CEO.

Corporate and Institutional members are graded according to the number of IT staff that they employ and are permitted to send a maximum number of IT staff to attend IITPSA events at member rates, as follows:

0 – 9 IT Staff – [Maximum number of two IT staff to IITPSA events]
10 – 59 IT Staff – [Maximum number of five IT staff to IITPSA events]
60+ IT Staff – [Maximum number of ten IT staff to IITPSA events]

Corporate members and Institutional members may also nominate candidates from their IT staff to stand for IITPSA Chapter Committee elections. If elected, these candidates are then able to give input to the direction and running of the Chapter.

A selection of other benefits offered to individual members are also available to Corporate and Institutional members (e.g. e-Newsletter, networking opportunities, reduced entrance fees, etc.) – see Member Benefits

If you wish to join as a company or an institution, please fill in the Company Application.