CyberSecurity (SIGCyber)

SIGCyber is an IITPSA Special Interest group (SIG) in South Africa for the Cybersecurity and related communities. The idea of the SIGCyber is to bring together people from diverse backgrounds who are either practitioners, academics or interested in Cybersecurity.  The Cybersecurity domain encompasses technologies, policies, procedures practices designed to protect organisation, institutions and citizens from attacks.

2017 saw a large number of attacks against national infrastructure, data breaches involving the information of private citizens, and large-scale attacks against organisations. How government and organisations respond is now under the spotlight and the type of enabling environment they foster to respond to these increasingly sophisticated attacks, is under scrutiny.

We need to separate the hype from the realties and to empower organisations and citizens to confidently interact in cyberspace. Local leaders in the Cybersecurity domain will be part of the SIG committee.

The objectives of the group are:

  • To promote an understanding of the Cybersecurity domain and the nature of the threats being we are facing
  • To promote knowledge sharing of the measures to protect organisations and individual
  • To raise awareness around the issues relating to Cybersecurity
  • To encourage research in the Cybersecurity domain.
  • To professionalise the domain
  • To facilitate discussion, debate and cooperation between Cybersecurity professionals
  • To provide thought leadership
SIGCyber Committee (
Chairperson: Bryan Baxter 
Vice Chairperson: Prof. Kerry-Lynn Thomson
Treasurer: Prof. Lynn Futcher
Committee Members: Davanathan (Devan) Naidoo
Doctor Mafuwafuwane
Elvis Kupara
Richard Frost