The next Annual General Meeting of IITPSA NPC (Institute of Information Technology
Professionals South Africa) will take place on Tuesday 18 August 2020 (at 17h00) online.


In terms of the current, approved Memorandum of Incorporation of the IITPSA:


7.3.1 One half (1/2) of the non-executive Directors of IITPSA retires from office at every
Annual General Meeting. If the number of non-executive Directors is not a multiple of two, the number nearest to and just below one-half (1/2) retires from office.


7.3.2     Retiring non-executive Directors may, subject to recommendation by the Board, stand for re-election.


7.4.4 Prior to the Annual General Meeting, the Board by notice to Members calls for the
nomination of candidates in the manner and in the form prescribed by the Board. A shortlist of candidates is drawn up for recommendation to Members for election at the annual General Meeting. In determining such shortlist the Board follows due and fair process and takes into account the skills, knowledge and experience requirements of the Board.


This includes consideration of the nominees’ participation in, and familiarity with, the
structures and activities of the Institute.


In addition to the currently retiring Non-Executive Directors who may make themselves
available for re-election, we are hereby calling for nominations of other suitably qualified, knowledgeable and experienced voting members of the IITPSA in good standing, who wish to be considered for possible election to the Board of Directors, to be forwarded to at the IITPSA National Office by no later than 17h00 on Sunday 12 July 2020.  The nomination form may be accessed here:



Nominees must please take note of the following:


1. By accepting nomination, the nominee indicates that s/he understands and accepts the
fiduciary responsibilities of Directors, in terms of the Companies Act of South Africa (Act 71 of 2008), is willing to be elected and, if so appointed, will perform in accordance with these responsibilities to the best of his / her ability.


2. Should they be elected, successful candidates will be expected to partcipate in the IITPSA Board meeting being held on Wednesday 19 August 2020 from 09h00 to
approx 13h00 and future Board meetings held at similar times during the day (minimum 4 meetings per annum).



Kind regards,


Chief Executive Officer


By order of the Board of IITPSA (Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa)


Tel: +27 87 655 1679