It would be no understatement to say that 2020 has been a supremely unusual and challenging year. As we near the end of it, and hope for a smoother 2021, the Institute would like to acknowledge the crucial role IT professionals have played in minimising the impact of the lockdown, keeping public services running, and enabling so many businesses to keep operating.


We have seen IT teams working through the night, with little warning, to enable home-based work for thousands of employees. IT professionals were on their phones – literally for months – guiding remote workers through the basics of DIY IT maintenance to ensure business as usual. They lifted and shifted massive infrastructure into the cloud, upgraded security, developed new applications and innovated on the fly to keep their teams not just functional, but even enjoying work from home.

Many helped their organisations to pivot dramatically – from bricks and mortar businesses to digital entities. Jobs were saved, customers were served, and public services continued.


We take our hats off to you all. Recognising the commitment and professionalism this mammoth effort required, our 2020 President’s Awards are themed Excellence in Adversity. As we slow down, and have time to reflect and consider outstanding industry professionals, worthy of a nomination,  the IITPSA will be keeping nominations open until 16 December.  We would like to note that, no matter who the ultimate winners are, we believe that all IT professionals across the country deserve accolades this year.


As the end of the year approaches, we wish you all a safe and restful holiday season – you have earned it.


Best regards
Tony Parry