Nominations are now open for one of our biggest activities of the year – the IITPSA President’s Awards. These awards, with a proud history spanning over 30 years, have recognised some of the most distinguished names in South African ICT.

We’re proud to say the President’s Awards remain the ICT sector’s most coveted accolades, and have helped raise the profiles of many deserving, up-and-coming IT leaders. We urge our members to take a moment to consider worthy candidates for this year’s awards, and to submit nominations here.

We are also seeking IITPSA members who have an interest in AI and robotics to join our SIGAIR committee, to help us plan webinars and events. We need members who are informed and enthusiastic, and who are willing to contribute a little of their time to help us meet growing demand for topical, engaging webinars on various aspects of AI and robotics. Please contact me at and copy if you would like to volunteer.