Brett St Clair

“Brett is passionate about helping African and South African businesses go digital, not just building digital marketing platforms but rebuilding entire businesses from the business model, to products, to the entire technology stack using the most advanced techniques and technologies possible.


He draws from his experiences of living and working in 32 countries, where he built and delivered innovative technologies for the first half of his career. On his return to South Africa Brett built two Tech and Media startups before taking on the role as Country Manager for Admob, who were the world’s largest mobile advertising network before they sold to Google. It is here where Brett’s passion to help thousands of business go digital was able to accelerate; he ran Google’s Mobile business and then onto Youtube. The final couple of years Brett went back to his roots of high end technology to setup and run Google’s African Cloud business.


Eager to understand the real challenges of African corporates, he took on the role of Head of Digital Product at Barclays Africa where he was tasked to rebuild the Bank into a digital bank using Google methodologies and innovative techniques for just under 3 years.


Now Brett is back in the world of startup as CEO and Co-Owner of Siatik ( who, in just over a year, have grown rapidly to become Google’s Premier Cloud partner in Africa and Top 200 Global Partner, focusing efforts on helping Corporates move to Google’s Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI toolsets. Brett spends what spare time he has left Co-Hosting one of South Africa’s most downloaded tech podcasts and does Keynote speaking on the topic of the Importance of Building a trusted digital business in today’s economy