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22nd CSSA Western Cape Golf Day and 3rd Pro-Am with PGA SA

Once again we were blessed with good weather and competitive golf. It’s remarkable that in 22 years we have only had a little bit of rain of on this day about five years ago, so long may it continue says Peter Aspinall from SBS Conferences who have been organsing this day from inception. We hosted […]

New Members – February 2013

Member Number Member Name Chapter A033589 Mr. B.J.C. Okoto Gauteng A033679 Mrs. V. Alagarsamy Kwazulu-Natal B033663 Mr. M.E. Botsane Free State C033665 Miss. R.A. Chivero Gauteng C033697 Mrs. P. Chikwata Gauteng C033709 Miss. T.C. Chakabuda Western cape D033653 Mr. G. Dzikiti Gauteng F033681 Miss. A.S. Figueroa Gauteng G033411 Mr. M. Ghazal Gauteng G033581 Mr. S.T. […]

New Members – January 2013

Member Number Member Name Chapter D033305 Mr. A. Deb Gauteng D033437 Mr. R.K. Dodda Gauteng D033453 Mr. K. Damodaran Gauteng F033413 Mr. S. Fakude Gauteng G033329 Mr. G. Gevalla Gauteng L033309 Mr. D.S. Lim Gauteng M033295 Mr. N. Moyo Gauteng M033397 Mrs. S. Mishra Gauteng M033409 Mr. I. Mazibeli Gauteng M033431 Mr. F.B. Mbuya Gauteng […]

New Members – December 2012

Member Number Member Name Chapter A033091 Mr. R. Arora Gauteng A033121 Mr. A. Abbas Gauteng B032977 Miss. B.N.V. Barreto Gauteng B033167 Mr. O.E. Blaise Western Cape B033185 Ms. B.B Baye Gauteng B033199 Mr. J. Bunu Gauteng C032973 Mr. V.B. Chatrati Gauteng F032963 Mr. M. Fanoro Gauteng G033145 Mr. D.A.K. Gaoussou Gauteng G033183 Mr. V. Gadagottu […]

New Members – November 2012

Member Number Member Name Chapter A032225 Mr. A.A Akanji Gauteng C031989 Miss. C. Chirowamhangu Gauteng C032689 Mr. R.B. Chavan Gauteng C032725 Mr. K. Chitonga Gauteng C032811 Mr. G.O. Carlos Gauteng D032015 Mr. A. Dhagare Gauteng D032737 Mrs. A. Dharmarajan Kwazulu-Natal D032803 Mr. Q. Dlodlo Gauteng E032759 Miss. K. Emrit Gauteng G032665 Mr. S.R. Guntakrindapall Gauteng […]

New Members – October 2012

Member Number Member Name Chapter B032563 Mr. N. Basson Gauteng C032475 Mr. S. Chanakira Gauteng C032511 Mr. G.S.M. Chikonyora Gauteng C032565 Mr. B. Chinhaba Gauteng C032573 Mr. C.C. Chimezia Gauteng C032597 Mr. M. Chitambo Gauteng D032571 Mr. D.B.J. Devadanam Gauteng D032585 Mr. G. Dzawanda Gauteng K032413 Mr. N. Kumar Gauteng K032579 Mr. S.B. Kumpati Gauteng […]

IP3 – invitation to participate in 2013 IT Skills and Salary survey

What skills are in demand? How do certifications impact salary? How does your salary compare to national averages? How does training impact salaries? Please help us answer these questions and more by participating in the 2013 IT Skills and Salary survey. Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro are conducting one of the industry’s most extensive surveys […]

CSSA Achieves SAQA Recognition as a Professional Body

Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa is pleased to announce that it has achieved Professional Body recognition by the South African Qualifications Authority. During its September 2012 Board meeting, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) awarded Professional Body recognition to Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA) and has registered its professional designation […]

New Members – September 2012

Member Number Member Name Chapter A032171 Mr. B.H. Agoro Gauteng B032177 Mr.B.C. Bhatt Gauteng I032145 Mr. M.M.H. Imran Gauteng J032155 Mr. T. Jayant Gauteng J032159 Miss. P. Jain Gauteng N032163 Mr. B.P. Naik Gauteng O032149 Mr. P. Osei Gauteng P032157 Mr. A. Paliwal Gauteng S023151 Mr. S. Sinha Gauteng S032197 Mr. J.C.S. Sander Gauteng T032143 […]

New Members – August 2012

Member Number Member Name Chapter  A031897  Mr. O.G. Adewumi Gauteng  C031895  Mr. E. Chikoto Gauteng  G029381  Mrs. I. Gundavalli Gauteng  L031353  Mr. N. Leviticus Gauteng  M031509  Miss. R.T. Madzima  Gauteng  M031807  Mr. R.S. Mandla Western Cape  M031905  Mr. M. Mukutiri Gauteng  P030757  Mr. P.K. Pandey  Gauteng  P031707  Mr. U. Pitsch  Western cape  R031343  Mr. R. […]

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