As we enter the last quarter of 2022, it is clear that the world has simultaneously adapted to a new normal and returned to a semblance of the old normal remarkably quickly.

Some large enterprises are ordering staff back to work, while many reports indicate that a large percentage of mid-level and senior employees will continue with remote or hybrid work. At the same time, countries around the world are now exploring a four-day work week.

What the long-term impacts of these developments will be for the world of work and the IT skills that support it remain to be seen. We expect to get our first insights into how things are changing when the JCSE – IITPSA ICT Skills Survey results are released this month, when the study authors will outline their key

findings around ICT skills demand and gaps, the implications of a Gig Economy and how ICT professionals are up-skilling and adapting to an emerging borderless world of work.

In the evolving world of work, IT innovators and visionaries will be underpinning – or even driving – the changes. We expect these change makers to come from the likes of our President’s Awards winners, who each year raise the bar for achievement in South African IT. The 2022 President’s Awards finalists will be announced in October, so please follow our social media pages and news for updates.