President’s Podium

Digital Detox . . . continued

In the previous newsletter I spoke about my digital addiction and fear of missing out (FOMO). Upon reading the newsletter, one of my colleagues introduced me to the Pomodoro Technique. The fundamentals of the Pomodoro Technique are simple. You just need to choose a task you’d like to get done. Set a timer for 25 minutes and commit to that task for the full length of time without interrupting yourself. During that time, if your mind happens to wonder and you realise you need to do something else, write the task down on a sheet of paper. When the timer rings, take a short break. You can then restart the process from the beginning. If you have completed this process 4 times you can take a 20 to 30 minute break.  The benefits of the Pomodoro technique are to help you work with time and not against it, to help eliminate burnout, manage distractions and create a better work / life balance. Whilst typing this piece for the monthly newsletter, I am applying the Pomodoro Technique. It is a little challenging because I notice in the bottom corner of my screen, an e-mail that has just arrived with an interesting title and I am tempted to get myself a cup of coffee too, but no, commit to the task at hand!
Another challenge I have set for myself to help curb my digital addiction is to try camping. So, this coming weekend, a couple of girls and I are going to set aside all things digital and embrace the great outdoors. Feeling a little nervous and excited at the same time.

On a different note, IITPSA is the only ICT Professional Body recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). I am very pleased to announce that our very own CEO, Tony Parry, is one of three non-statutory professional body representatives elected by the Forum of SAQA-recognised Professional Bodies to participate in a SAQA reference group, together with three statutory professional body representatives, as well as two representatives each from SAQA, QCTO, DHET and CHE. The purpose of the reference group is to develop a set of guidelines and/or standards for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and for the naming of professional designations. We wish Tony, the Reference Group and SAQA the best of luck with this challenging project.

The IoDSA and the King Committee have released a draft of the fourth version of the King Report and have invited the public to comment. The deadline for public comments is 15 May 2016. IITPSA will be providing input to the report which relates to Technology and Information Governance.   Please feel free to share your views and comments on the draft King IV report with us:

Ciao for now