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What do testers need to fulfil the quality role in today’s world? An IITPSA SIGiST Event

August 18 @ 16:00 - 17:00

Software development has evolved from a process dependent (Waterfall), to a human dependent (Agile), and now a technology dependent process (DevOps/CI/CD).


The expectation that most tests should be automated to speed-up deployment, has become the most prevalent strategy in many organisations. Testers are expected to transform to contribute to this new way of delivering software, meaning they should be competent not only in a specific domain, but in a host of automated tool and programming languages. These technical skill takes time to acquire and requires serious personal investment.


Some people might also ask if this focus on technical skills detracts from our key responsibility of testing, ensuring the quality of the product.


Some of the questions that we are asking include:


  • How do we support all activities that go into building a pipeline? In a world of TDD, DevOps, CI/CD what is the testers responsibility, what additional skills are needed?
  • Should we support the notion of automating everything? Should everything be automated, and if not, what should. TDD, our development team members also need new skills.
  • Is the traditional testing skillset still needed in its current form to retain and build quality? What is the expectation/role of Manual/exploratory testing in this world?
  • What skills do I need to participate in today’s development world?

If you are looking to answers to some or all of these questions, please join the discussion and register to attend this free one hour webinar here.

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August 18
16:00 - 17:00