IFIP TC 13 – Human-Computer Interaction



To encourage development towards a science and a technology of human-computer interaction, the Technical Committee will pursue the following Aims:

  • to encourage empirical research (using valid and reliable methodology, with studies of the methods themselves where necessary)
  • to promote the use of knowledge and methods from the human sciences in both design and evaluation of computer systems
  • to promote better understanding of the relation between formal design methods and system usability and acceptability
  • to develop guidelines, models and methods by which designers may be able to provide better human-oriented computer systems
  • to co-operate with other groups, inside and outside IFIP, so as to promote user-orientation and “humanization” in system design. 



The main orientation is toward the users, especially the non-computer-professional users, and how to improve the human-computer relationship for them.


Areas of study include:

  • the problems people have with computers
  • the impact of computers upon people in both individual and organizational contexts
  • the determinants of utility, usability and acceptability
  • the appropriate allocation of tasks between computers and people
  • modelling the user as an aid to better system design
  • harmonising the computer to the characteristics and needs of the user.


Working Groups/Special Interest Groups:


WG 13.1: Education in HCI and HCI Curriculum
WG 13.2: Methodologies for User-Centered Systems Design
WG 13.3: Human Computer Interaction, Disability and Aging
WG 13.4: User Interface Engineering (joint with WG 2.7)
WG 13.5: Human Error, Resilience, Reliability, Safety and System Development
WG 13.6: Human-Work Interaction Design
WG 13.7: Human-Computer Interaction & Visualization (HCIV)
WG 13.8: Interaction Design and International Development
WG 13.9: Interaction Design and Children
WG 13.10: Human-Centered Technology for Sustainability


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The South African representatives to TC13 are Prof Janet Wesson (janet.wesson@mandela.ac.za) and Prof Paula Kotze (paula.kotze@gmail.com)