IFIP TC 9 – ICT and Society



To develop understanding of how ICT innovation is associated with change in society.

To influence the shaping of socially responsible and ethical policies and professional practices.



TC9 fosters multidisciplinary discourse into:

  • The role of ICT in the change of particular domains of human activity, including work; the home and private life; governance.
  • Ethical, political, economic and cultural dimensions of ICT innovation.
  • Issues stemming from ICT innovation, such as gender, the phenomenon of virtuality, sustainable development.


Working Groups/Special Interest Groups:


WG 9.1: Computers and Work
WG 9.2: Social Accountability and Computing
SIG 9.2.2: Special Interest Group on Framework on Ethics of Computing
WG 9.3: Intelligent Communities
WG 9.4: Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries
WG 9.5: Our Digital Lives
WG 9.6: Information Technology: Misuse and The Law (joint with WG 11.7)
WG 9.7: History of Computing
WG 9.8: Gender, Diversity and ICT
WG 9.9: ICT and Sustainable Development
WG 9.10: ICT Uses in Peace and War


Link to the main website of Technical Committee 9


The South African representative to TC9 is Dr Jackie Phahlamohlaka (JPhahlamohlaka@csir.co.za)