The IITPSA’s most prestigious annual event, the President’s Awards, offered a rare opportunity for several of our women in IT to gather in one place.

Not only were our Institute’s leading #WIIT at the breakfast, but we were also graced by the presence of our sisters in ICT who are active on the continent and globally.

With strength in numbers, we took advantage of the opportunity to shamelessly call out to as many professional women in IT in our country as we could, hoping to secure more volunteers to further the goals of the Women in IT (#WIIT) Chapter.

I am pleased to say our strategy worked, and we have received a flood of interest from many women who are willing to become involved in WIIT activities to empower more girls and women to progress in the ICT sector.

Meanwhile, as the year draws to a close, we invite all members to consider wrapping up 2023 with a new accomplishment – an upgraded membership, re-graded membership or new professional designation from the IITPSA. You may qualify for a Professional Member (PMIITPSA) or Professional CIO (Pr.CIO) designation, which enhances your professional credibility across the ICT sector. Please see the member information on our website for further information.

Warm regards,
Senele Goba,
President of the IITPSA