Continuing Professional Development, or CPD for short, refers to the ongoing formal or informal training required in order to maintain a specific qualification or designation. One might argue that you have spent thousands of Rands and a number of years in studying for your chosen profession – why, then, is Continuing Professional Development even necessary?
Let’s take the medical profession as an example. You visit your family doctor. He has been your family doctor since you were 12 years old and he is now treating your 12-year-old child. While sitting in his consulting room your eyes glance over to his framed certificate which hangs on the wall. It has become quite faded over time. One would hope, or should I rather say, expect, that with the advancement in medicine, your doctor has kept up to date with the latest and greatest methodologies in diagnosis and treatments. 
The same can be said for other professions. CPD may not be a mandatory requirement for all professions but there are so many benefits to the individual and the profession. Experience is a great teacher, but it does mean that we tend to do things we have done before. CPD opens us up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas. It ensures that our knowledge and skills are relevant and remain up to date.

IITPSA is a professional body and is recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority. CPD is compulsory for all Professional Members (PMIITPSA) of the Institute.  The objective of the IITPSA CPD Policy is to assist members in developing and maintaining demonstrable professional competence in order to provide services of the highest quality in the public interest.
Currently, the submission of IITPSA CPD activities is a manual process and we are pleased to inform our members that later this year we will be launching a member online self-service portal which will ease the burden of manually recording CPD activities.
We are also pleased to announce that in 2017 a number of Professional Bodies convened to commit to a combined declaration in respect of CPD. This is called the Parktown Declaration and IITPSA has signed this declaration in support of CPD principles and practices.
So, whether or not you are required to comply with CPD requirements, ongoing professional education and development is enriching. Take it even a step further and learn something completely unrelated to your field of expertise.
“A true master is an eternal student” – Master Yi