2023 – Rich Sibusiso Hlatshwayo (Chief Executive Officer – Me2You)

Innovator, Visionary, Changemaker

Rich Sibusiso Hlatshwayo is a trailblazing innovator and visionary leader dedicated to transforming South Africa and the global tech landscape. From his early days, Rich displayed an insatiable curiosity and remarkable problem-solving skills, setting the stage for his extraordinary journey.

One of Rich’s pioneering achievements was the development of real-time sign language to speech translation technology. This innovation revolutionized communication for the hearing-impaired, allowing them to effortlessly interact through smartphone cameras. His commitment to inclusivity and accessibility earned him recognition and accolades.

In the automotive industry, Rich unveiled a groundbreaking algorithm that matches first-time car buyers with their ideal vehicles based on budget, lifestyle, and personality. This innovation streamlined car purchases, making them more accessible and enjoyable.

Central to Rich’s transformative impact is Me2You, where he serves as Chief Executive Officer. a revolutionary meal kit delivery service.
This initiative addresses food waste & accessibility challenges, combating food insecurity and improving countless lives and the environment. In parallel, Rich co-founded Amaqhawe, a logistics marvel empowering local youth with opportunities, fostering entrepreneurship, and tackling unemployment.

Rich’s tireless efforts have garnered prestigious awards, including the CPSI Special Ministerial Award, the Mail and Guardian 200 Young South Africans, News24 100 Young Mandelas and the ACTIVATE! Active Citizen Award. These accolades testify to his unwavering commitment to driving positive change.
His ventures transcend borders and kindle the flames of progress, establishing him as an icon of disruptive innovation that propels Africa’s technological evolution.