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President’s Podium February 2019

Happy belated Valentine’s day to everyone. Hope you spoilt your significant other and in turn, they spoilt you… and by spoiling, I mean showing an act of kindness and appreciation and not spending an exorbitant amount on flowers that were either not delivered or arrived dilapidated. February is still the month of love so use […]

President’s Podium – January 2019

Compliments of the season. My usual New Year’s resolutions have already been broken but it is still always worth a try. Have you managed to keep yours?   In July I will be handing the baton over to my successor as I step down as the IITPSA President and Chairperson. I am humbled and honoured […]

President’s Podium Oct – Nov 2018

  Importance of ethical behaviour in the practice of the ICT profession.   Growing up, I always thought knowing right from wrong was straight forward. I grew up in a household with strong values and it almost seems obvious to do what is right. But fast forward to 2018 and over the last few years […]

President’s Podium September / October 2018

  October is National Cyber Security Month. This initiative started in 2004 in the United States of America. The goal behind this initiative is to encourage vigilance and protection by all computer users. Cyber security awareness is very important to both companies and individuals because it is everyone’s responsibility to help protect the confidentiality, availability […]

President’s Podium August / September 2018

  The nominations for the IITPSA President’s awards are closed and we now start the process of selecting the finalists. The list of finalists will be publicised, and the public will have an opportunity to select their preferred candidate.   There are 6 categories namely: IT Personality Award Visionary CIO Award Technology Excellence Award Social […]

President’s Podium – July / August 2018

August is the month of celebration and acknowledging the phenomenal women in this country. Unfortunately, I write this piece with a heavy heart. A few days ago, I received news that Brenda Aynsley who was a past president of the Australian Computer Society passed away after a long battle with illness.     I want […]

President’s Podium – June / July 2018

In last month’s newsletter I wrote about introducing programming as a compulsory subject in schools. We need to prepare our youth for careers that don’t exist yet. A few days after I wrote the piece, I came across an ITWeb article titled “It’s time to introduce coding in schools, says govt”. According to the deputy […]

President’s Podium – May / June 2018

This month we celebrate Youth day. On 16 June 1976 thousands of students gathered in Vilikazi Street in Soweto to protest the introduction of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in schools. Unfortunately, the protest turned violent when the police opened fire on unarmed children and thousands of people were injured and many lost their […]

President’s Podium Apr / May 2018

Over the last couple of months, I have been receiving numerous e-newsletters and articles about GDPR. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on the 25th of May. Organisations are required to place a much stricter focus on data protection.   So how does this compare to our very own […]

President’s Podium – March / April 2018

I love the fact that we live in an era where self-service is becoming the norm. Flying to Cape Town? No problem. You can check in online and print your own boarding pass. Want to draw some cash on a Sunday afternoon? Just head off to the ATM down the road. Need to reset the […]

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